Jenny's Story

Every little town has that one person that always has a smile for you. They seem to always know when you’re down and knows exactly how to raise your spirit. But what happens when they are down? Jenny Devlin is that person in our little town who always knows how to lift you up when you’re down. Lately though, things haven’t been going her way. Her husband has been running around. Her brother can’t keep a job and she has to support him. She’s also hit that age where you question the life you’ve chosen. You see, Jenny wanted to be a big Broadway Star. It might seem like a long walk, but she was really good in her younger days. She and her boyfriend, John Raymond, were the “it” couple and the town stars of the local community theatre. She dreamed of performing on the big stage, having John be her director, signing autographs and seeing her name in lights. So, what happened? 

Well, John started becoming the guy getting the phone calls. She would still get parts, big parts...But John was becoming sought after. Because of insecurity, Jenny pushed John away...”Go chase your dreams”. It was an ugly split.

Twenty years later, here’s where Jenny is. She hears a rumor that a film company is coming to town to film a love story. Love Story? For a quick minute, Jenny wonders if it could be John. Well, of course it’s not John. All he does is the big budget, block busters with explosions and guns. I think we all know it is John. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t have much of a story. They first see each other at Jenny’s restaurant. Much like their love affair there’s a shattered plate, confusion and maybe, just maybe hope for a new start.


Over the course of the next few months, set with the back drop of Jenny being on stage for the first time in 20 years, it seems, maybe these two might have figured it out and then....


With a false story and an unexpected opportunity, Jenny takes a chance on the life that got away from her...Without John. When that opportunity seems to have slipped away, a charming, sweet ending to a twenty year love story BEGINS!!! 

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